the human body II: Dancers

Dancers are another people who worship the human body. When I look at them, their graceful movements seem to convey a soundless derision; why bother how the body works instead of seeing what it can do? To convey complex ideas and emotions through movement in time to music. To push the limits of speed and balance. Dance is the an expression of our innate triumph of existence, we forget everything in the intoxicating delight of actions, for this is our chief characteristic of life: movement. It is wonderful what strange dances humans have conceived, and nurtured over time, building upon foundations with research and experimenting with combinations of techniques, for example ballet, ball room dancing, and classical indian. Then there are recent developments like hip hop and rap. Nations and people of all times had their own distinctive dances, african tribes like masai and kikuyu, north american indian tribes, remote island tribes in corners of the world, and then national dances like dragon dance etc.
All dances are a heritage of culture and a language beyond capture in mere words. Dance has figured as a part of religion and revolution, art and science. It is an essence of our fascination with our body and our egotism in our self as a specie and as individuals.


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hey im seemab and im interested in books, and travel. i enjoy trying new things and this blog is mainly to record my path
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