The Human Body I

The human race has for long been very interested in the human body. After all it is unique as our own face, our identity among a multitude of species. Then again it is one of our most exclusive possessions, so much so that we never think about it. Most people acknowledge and are thankful for their health, others go beyond that to be thankful for features, but still fall short.

I think one of the greatest worshipers of the human body are doctors. The medical science is a celebration of the human body, it’s delicate workings, it’s beauty of form, it’s creation, it’s almost divine automation. There is an element of the quest for self in our obsession with our body. Anatomy which delves into physical structure, and functional adaptations. Biochemistry which does the same only at molecular level, discovering links. Embryology; just how does an ovum and sperm become so many diverse components of a whole. This obsession overcomes our natural repugnance of dissection of a cadaver, it leads to devising a hundred tests, physical and chemical to check intact function, and account for huge variation.


It is a tantalizing mystery that how does food translate into our strength, our movements and our life, our emotions, memory and ideas are a million tiny electrical currents in a most complex computer that we use unconsciously but when we try to figure out hows and whats we are scrapping at a mountain with a shovel. And how closely we are linked to this world of ours that the medicines and drugs derived from it make us well, or sick, or drunk, or a thousand other things. And still there are miles to go and many discoveries to make.


About seemabmypath

hey im seemab and im interested in books, and travel. i enjoy trying new things and this blog is mainly to record my path
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