Sweet doing nothing


Sometimes our lives seem to turn into a puppet of emotions and worry. We seem to live from one task to the next. There is always an underlying tension, a burden of things that have to be accomplished. If we continue like this we are really headed for trouble. The brain is overworked and anticipating disaster, our body is in overdrive.

Once in a while I like to take a break from all this and for a few days wipe my mind clear of all the tasks. Sit still and truly taste food instead of eating as though my plate will be grabbed away from me. Stop in my path and take a deep breath. Evaluate if my goals will be actually achieved by this breathless breakneck effort. I often rediscover that worry is an obstacle. It interferes with your focus and ruins the present and future. Put your problems aside for a few days and rest your mind. It is wonderful how the problem if not precisely shrinks, becomes manageable at least meantime. We have  so little time that it is important to enjoy in a stress free environment. 


About seemabmypath

hey im seemab and im interested in books, and travel. i enjoy trying new things and this blog is mainly to record my path
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