Biochemistery, the Web of Life

memorize this…

Biochemistry is considered to be one of the most challenging subjects undertaken. While most chemistry in general deals with strictly isolated reactions, substances and their properties, in biochemistry each reaction, substance and property is a part of a huge network that interweaves with great complexity. It is an engaging study because it is hypnotizing to see how each reaction is regulated, how a molecule performs specific functions, is activated or deactivated, and how each property fits like a hand into a glove for the function it has to perform and the conditions of the body’s environment while also being amenable to change. It is also a maddening study because it is a herculean task to memorize everything and very easy to confuse, mix up, or just plain forget the elusive details of hundreds of reactions.

It is only when cases present do we fully realize the importance of a tiny molecule in our system. Its diverse functions and its uniqueness and its exquisite teamwork with the rest, which seem to revolt in its absence and go off in a tangent instead of continuing normally. Diabetes Mellitus, Cushing’s syndrome, and rare ones like Tay Sach’s disease are all examples.

Biochemistry is truly a cue for philosophizing how life is but a delicate balance of lifeless atoms and molecules.


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