Pituitary Gland, the Body’s Director.

Pituitary gland is a really amazing component of our body. Situated in the skull, this gland the size of a pea is awesome. It secretes a total of 8 hormones, 6 from anterior pituitary and 2 from posterior. It is like a think tank that basically manages all hormonal regulation of the body. At the very top of the homeostasis pyramid the hypothalamus checks whether several parameters in blood are within normal ranges or not and pituitary stimulates the respective endocrine glands.

Apart from this day to day or hour to hour regulation the pituitary is responsible for long term effects that lead to growth, aging, sexual maturity. Here the think tank simile really applies. Pituitary gland changes its hormone synthesis with age, and circadian rhythms. All systems have their assigned duties but they wait for the go ahead from the pituitary which tells each when to do its work so the thousand little complications in the plan go smoothly step by step to completion. Apart from this it coordinates systems so they work in harmony setting off each cascade at the right moment, preventing antagonistic systems setting off at the same time in a futile circle. It translates the genetic blueprint into life, stimulating and inhibiting in different measures.


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