The gift of Coherence

The gift of speech is generously distributed to all humanity. Coherence is logical and consistent speech, clear speech from which rational inference can easily be drawn. The gift of coherence is regrettably, not as common. Speech that leaves no doubt of a person’s intentions, opinions, or wishes is as surprising as it is gratifying in a world where people in the same conversation expound conflicting views without any consciousness of the incompatibility of said views. Even worse are people who meander like a sun drugged dragonfly without any indication of how they jumped from point A to B, and having successfully bewildered their audience to the point of begging for enlightenment they become impatient at inattentiveness or slower mental processes. Possibly in high pressure social surroundings people adopt this habit of changing opinions out of a wish to fit in with a certain group or because some opinions are unwelcome. But, in my opinion the gift of coherence is precious. Your thoughts, and actions actually make sense to others when you are lucid and even more importantly they make sense to you.


About seemabmypath

hey im seemab and im interested in books, and travel. i enjoy trying new things and this blog is mainly to record my path
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